What is Supply Planner

Generates Comprehensive multi-factory constrained production plan to meet the overall demand. Generates daily or weekly or monthly production plan for all the factories, and suppliers in the whole chain. Generates dispatch quantities between source and destination based on requirements, lead time, safety stock requirements, etc.

key Features

Product Sequencing

Generates optimum production sequence on lines across the chain to ensure that there is minimum inventory and waiting time at any location.

One Step Planning

Ensures unidirectional movement of materials across chain to reduce cost and Optimum inventory levels at the factories through synchronization across Supply Chain.


Constraints like Minimum and Maximum Load on Sites, Changeover Constraints, Capacity Constraints, Manpower Constraints, Consumable Constraints, and Raw Material Constraints etc.

Multiple Planning Horizons

Generates daily, weekly or monthly production plan for factories and suppliers based on line capacities.

Alternate and Multi-Level BOM

Designed to handle different BOM at different sites. Can handle Multi-Level BOM to create requirements of different intermediates and Raw Materials.

Generates dispatch quantities between source and destination based on requirements, lead time, safety stock requirements, etc.

Maximizes Capacity Utilization by optimizing Lot sizes and by optimal line selection, Optimizes Product Sequencing on the lines.

Prioritization Of Orders and uniform Requirements Curtailing to maximize service level in case of capacity shortage.

Generates Pre-build Plans ahead of Peak Seasons

Optimal Factory Allocation

Allocates production to the right factory based on capacity constraints and total landed cost consisting of (a) Inbound and outbound Freight, (b) Production Cost at own Factory and at Third-Parties, (c) Material and Utility Costs, (d) Tax benefits, Franchise Fees, Import and Export duties etc.


Benefits at a glance

  • Cost and Profit Optimization
  • Long-term Business Planning
  • Reduced Inventories and Improved Service Levels
  • Reduce lead-times for production, purchasing etc.
  • Generate Global Available to Promise and provide visibility to the Customers

Case Studies

  • One of the largest Biscuit and Confectionary Manufacturers in India with over 150 warehouses and over 50 factories generated optimized production plans for all the factories and improved Service Levels by over 4%.
  • Indian arm of one of the largest FMCG companies world-wide improved its service levels by 5% using the Supply Planner.
  • A large Beer Manufacturer optimized production plan of over 15 factories using the Supply Planner