What is S&OP Planner

Enables evaluation and collaboration for selecting a Sales & Operations Plan that aligns with the financial goals. Simulate multiple scenarios and assess the impact on Organizational goals. Process templates and workflows through the required activities to manage timelines and dependencies. Record and manage assumptions and action points through S&OP meetings.

key Features

Balance Demand and Supply

Identify gaps between the consensus demand plan and aggregate supply plan, and re-balance by changing (a) the forecast demand or (b) Inventory Norms or (c) Demand Priorities etc. to match Demand and Supply.

Meet Financial Goals

Set financial targets and acceptable levels of variability and Measure progress against the targets.


Simulate multiple supply-demand balancing scenarios against various metrics by drag and drop. Evaluate how material and capacity resources can be apportioned optimally to meet the Organizational goals better by changing Priorities.

S&OP Dashboards

S&OP dashboards to visualize current and projected inventory levels, Revenues, Margins, Service Levels, Asset Utilizations etc.

Manage S&OP Process

Create S&OP process calendar and monitor S&OP activities against the plan. Manage S&OP meetings, meeting action items, progress against action items etc. Manage performance of various S&OP stakeholders.

Deal with both Make to Order and Make to Stock products and Markets.

Collaborate on action Items planned in S&OP meetings.

Maintain S&OP assumptions along with every Scenario.


Benefits at a glance

  • Increased consensus producing actionable plans
  • Clearer, quicker insight into the impact of changes to the S&OP plan
  • Faster and more reliable planning, reducing the planning cycle and producing more accurate results

Case Studies

  • Large Steel Company streamlined its S&OP process through regular simulations on S&OP Planner. Large value Rush Order simulations was extensively used to decide delivery date for the Orders.
  • Indian arm of one of the largest FMCG companies world-wide used S&OP planner to simulate the right Inventory Levels, Demand plan and Aggregate Supplies.