What is Route Planner

Dynamic route planner for FMCG Companies, distributors, e-tailers and logistic providers etc. Considers daily or historical orders and optimizes the routes to create an optimal delivery plan leading to a substantial reduction in the delivery cost. Tightly integrated with Google Maps for road distances, traffic constraints and for result.

key Features

Optimal Order Allocation to Vehicles

Optimal grouping of the orders & allocation of the orders to the right vehicles to ensure that the overall distance travelled is minimized.

Drop Sequence Optimization

Optimized Vehicle Route Sequence based on Google distances to minimize the distance travelled

Improved Asset Utilization

Best set of vehicles from the available pool to maximize the vehicle utilization and minimize the number & size of the vehicles required. This ensures the customer can expand his business without needing to add new vehicles.

Route Sequence

Ability to manually over-ride the Route Sequence based on drag & drop; manually over-ride driver assignment to vehicles.


Considers multiple parameters like vehicle capacity & availability, product attributes, time & distance constraints. Based on Google maps and road distances. Considers all traffic constraints.

Vehicle Status Tracking

Ability to track delivery status and Vehicle Location.

Load Optimization

Optimized truck loads to ensure minimum number of trucks required.

Geo Tagging

Ability to Geo-tag using a mobile or by plotting on Google Maps

Mobile App

Mobile App to track the vehicle location, drop & delivery status.


Benefits at a glance

  • Over 20% reductions in cost of delivery
  • Dynamic Route Plans based on the Delivery requirements
  • Visibility of Vehicle Location, Drop Status, Delivery Status etc
  • Optimized travel distances and reduced time & cost of delivery and Optimize vehicle loads

Case Studies

  • A very large FMCG companies used Route Planner for optimizing deliveries to the retailers from Distributor Warehouses to save over 10% of last mile delivery cost.
  • A very large Confectionary manufacturer user Route Planner to optimize deliveries from the depots to its distributors to save around 8% of delivery cost.
  • One of the largest packaged food companies used Route Planner to optimize deliveries from depots to distributors.