What is Production Planner

Books Orders on available Capacities across Plants, Processes and Equipments based on Product Routings, Productivity & constraints. Balances capacity utilization across Processes and Equipments and maximizes Asset Utilization. Suggests Delivery Date for Enquiries and existing Orders and estimates the impact of accepting Rush Order.

key Features

Order Promise for Enquiries

Generates Promise dates against the requested delivery date based on the current Order booking, Enquiry Size and based on the Plant Capacity.

Simulations & Impact Assessment

Simulates the Impact of booking Orders on the existing Orders in real-time. Ability to carry out What-If Scenarios

Single Step Production Plan

Generates End-to-end Production plan across multiple processes in one step. Synchronizes and balances capacities across processes and maximizes Asset utilization.

High Priority Rush Orders

Ensures that High Priority Orders are done on time. Assesses the impact of booking High Priority Orders on other Orders.

Detailed Schedules

Generates production schedule for all the equipments with production sequence on each equipment. Ensures grouping of similar products to maximize productivity and at the same time ensures timely delivery of Orders.

Multi-Equipment Plan

Distributes load on multiple equipments based on the equipment capacity and equipment constraints.

Campaign Planning

Plan campaigns on multiple equipments based on multiple attributes.

Complex BOM

Can handle Multi-Level and Branched Out Bills Of Materials and generate Material constrained Plans.


Handles constraints like Routing constraint, changeover constraints on equipments, availability & maintenance constraints.


Benefits at a glance

  • Improved Asset Utilization
  • Timely delivery of Orders through precise delivery date commitment
  • Visibility of Delivery Status based on the actual Order book and Capacity Availability
  • Lower Inventory & Lead-time through synchronization of production across plants and processes

Case Studies

  • Production Planner for a Chemical Manufacturer with 6 integrated factories. Each product was made using a complex multi-level BOM manufactured across multiple factories.
  • Production Planner for an Integrated Manufacturer consisting of multiple Steel Melt Shops, Wire Rod Mill and Downstream plants for Forging, Smelting and Auto-components.