What is Logistics Planner

Generates Comprehensive distribution plan from Factories to the final delivery points through various levels within Supply Chain. Ensures timely delivery and Improves Service Levels Maximizes Vehicle Utilization and minimizes transportation cost.

key Features

Flow Optimization

Multi-level Logistics Planning from Starting Point through Distribution Centres to End-points. Optimization of the network path for each product to each End-point.

Multiple Modes of Transportation

Optimization of Multiple Modes like Trucks of Various Capacities, Rail, Sea Vessels, Part-load carriers, Air shipment etc. Mode Selection based on freight and volume discounts.

Product Mix Optimization

Product Mix Optimization within a vehicle based on product weight and volume. Optimally combines heavy and light products together to maximize vehicle utilization.


Handle Constraints like Product Mix constraint, Loading constraints at Sources, Distance/Time constraints, Vehicle Availability, Holiday, Permits, Lead-time constraints and Route constraints etc.

Source Of Supply Optimization

Selection of the best Source of Supply for each product that can be sourced from multiple locations to result into maximum cost saving.

Fair Share Distribution

Uniform Dispatches across destinations based on day-wise availability of stocks. Rationing of stocks in case of shortage of supply on pro-rata basis or any other rule.

Timely Availability

Prioritization of dispatch based on lead-times and demand dates to ensure timely availability of stocks at the end points.


Benefits at a glance

  • Improve Service Levels
  • All round reduction of Costs (Distribution and Warehousing Costs)
  • Improve Vehicle Utilization
  • Reduce Dispatch Lead-times
  • Reduce Average Distance Travelled
  • Improve Lane Density
  • Track Vehicle Status

Case Studies

  • One of the largest Biscuit and Confectionary Manufacturers in India with over 150 warehouses and over 50 factories. Solution resulted in over 8% savings in distribution cost.
  • Indian arm of one of the largest FMCG companies world-wide improved its service levels by 5% using the Logistics Planner.
  • One of the largest Manufacturers of Confectionary streamlined its daily logistics planning process and improved service levels by over 5%