What is Distributor Ordering

Integrates with Distributor ERP to automatically create Distributor Orders for thousands of distributors. Integrate other data like Inventory, Secondary Sales and Receipts to get visibility into the market. Self Service Portal for distributors to Order instead of Manual Ordering.

key Features

Integrate Order Data from Distributor ERP

Distributor ERPs with different formats for Order data is integrated by Field to Field Mapping and through Data Transformation Rules.

Ordering Portal

Ordering Portal and Mobile Application consisting of Web Portal for Order Entry with Easy Product Search capability.

Data Transformation Rules

Data Transformation can be applied to Distributor fields for data cleaning, Deduplication, Format revision, Key restructuring, Derivation, Filtering, Joining, Splitting, Data validation, Summarization etc.

Smart Basket

User sees Products relevant to him along with Standard Order Quantities. Intelligent and based on Ordering History, Product Ordering frequencies, Variability and Seasonality

Product Code Identification

Automatically identify the product code in the distributor ERP based on the percentage match between product name in the distributor ERP and Manufacturer's name using Text Mining Algorithm.

Status Tracking, Reporting & Rich Analytics

Order Status, Order Tracking, Order History etc. available for reporting.

Integrate Other Distributor Data

Other data like Secondary Sales Data, Secondary Sales Return Data, Daily Stock Data, PO Data, and Goods Receipt Data can be integrated with the distributor ERP to give visibility of Secondary Sales and enable Replenishment based Ordering.

Multi-level and Configurable Order Approval Process.

Benefits at a glance

  • No manual Errors in Order Capturing leading to minimal Sales Loss
  • Higher visibility into Distributor Sales
  • Automated Ordering based on Replenishment norms
  • Time Order capturing leading reduced lead-time of Order processing and Improved Service Level

Case Studies

  • One of the largest Pharma companies based in India and exporting to the Global market used Distributor Ordering System to receive Orders from thousands of distributors spread over 150 countries.