What is Distribution Network Planner

Optimizes complete Distribution Network to find the right number, location, role and capacities of the warehouses to minimize supply chain costs and maximize Service Levels. Identify distribution structure and echelons in Supply Chain.Evaluate multiple business scenarios and compare. Assess risks associated with each scenario.

key Features

Multi Echelon Chain

Optimal network design with right number of echelons (central and regional warehouses) in the distribution network.

Warehouse Selection

Suggests best number and location of warehouses based on the best trade-off between freight costs & fixed costs of warehouses.

Optimal Linkage Selection

Finds out the best linkage from different possible routes from factory to central warehouse to regional warehouse to customer.

Optimizes Total Landed Costs

Accounts for linear costs like handling costs, freight costs between factory warehouses, customers etc. and non-linear costs like warehouse rent, manpower costs.

Category Consolidation

Consolidates multiple categories of products (slow moving, fast moving) for distribution.


Simulation to test sensitivity of key supply chain drivers like Tariffs, Taxes, Market Demand, Introduction of new categories, lead time, transportation modes, New Routes, Fixed Costs etc.

Reduction in Inventory

Reduction in inventory by making a full truck direct shipments.

Mode Selection

Selects the linkage based on mode wise cost and volume discounts.

Service levels

Creates a Network to meet the Service Level Requirements.


Benefits at a glance

  • Optimization of the total Distribution Cost
  • Improve Service Levels
  • Evaluation of new Business Opportunities
  • All round reduction of Costs - Capital, Warehousing and Freight.
  • Maximize Supply Chain Flexibility and Agility, Minimize Carbon Footprint
  • Maximize Supply Chain Asset Utilization
  • Detailed assessment of Business Risks.

Case Studies

  • One of the largest FMCG companies in India optimized its Distribution Network in India for the next 5 years and evaluated the impact of GST on Service Levels and Distribution Costs.
  • One of the largest FMCG companies in India optimized location of its Warehouses and distributors and transportation mode on each lane.