What is Demand Planner

Helps create an unconstrained consensus demand forecast through top down or bottom up approaches and combines with statistical forecast. Easily configurable to meet Organization processes and hierarchies. Inputs are weighted and adjusted as part of a highly collaborative process.

key Features

Multi-Level Forecasting

Enables top-down, bottom-up forecasting and reconciliation. Ability to aggregate and disaggregate demand at any level. Collaborative Forecasting between all the stakeholders.

Statistical Forecasting

Various Statistical Forecasting Techniques like ARIMA, Holt Winters, and Exponential Smoothing etc. to address Seasonality, Trend and Cyclic Behavior. Selects the best technique for each SKU at each Location.

Graphical Reports

Compare actuals, current demand plan, annual plan, previous demand plan versions, statistical forecast, and the previous year’s demand plan in a time-phased graphical view.

Consensus Demand Plan

a comparison of each forecast stream in value against the demand plan and annual plan.

Data Handling

Detect and cleanse historical data to remove data errors, outliers and causals.

Supply Planner

Generates Comprehensive multi-factory constrained production plan to meet the overall demand.

Forecast Accuracy Exceptions

summary of the number of forecast items where the measure is above the critical limit for the selected category of forecast.

Adjust Demand Plan

Adjust or override the calculated demand plan for specific forecast items in specific date ranges.

Forecast Accuracy Methods

Monitor the forecast accuracy for all forecasts. Measure the accuracy of forecasts with any number of available methods (Volume Error, MAE/Mean, Bias (MPE), etc.)


Benefits at a glance

  • Higher Forecast Accuracy
  • Reduced Inventories across Supply Chain
  • Reduced Demand Planning Cycle time
  • Better coordination to maximize revenue opportunities
  • Improved communication, visibility and execution

Case Studies

  • Indian Arm of one of the largest Packaged Food Manufacturer used Demand Planner to expedite the Planning Cycle improve monthly forecast through consensus based forecasting.
  • One of the largest Telecom companies managed their Long-term, Mid-term and Short-term demand through collaboration on Demand Planner.