What is metrhythm - Scheduler

Schedules Orders on one or more equipment in Steel Melt Shop, Hot Rolling Mill, Plate Mill, Cold Rolling Mill etc. based on scheduling rules and constraints specific to each process. Enables Re-scheduling in case of problems and manual schedule edits on intuitive User Interfaces. Generates Processing Instructions (PDI parameters) for level 2.

key Features

Steel Melt Shop Scheduler

Combines Slabs to create an Optimal Heat Plan with maximized Heat utilization. Generates Heat Sequence with maximized sequence length and Grade Mix & Transition Slab constraints while ensuring timely order delivery. Generates detailed schedule for all equipment from Casters to Ladle Furnaces to Arc Furnaces etc.

PDI Generation

Generate process parameters (PDI) for all equipment based on Order Parameters and PDI Matrices. PDI Generated can be passed to Level 2.

Plate Mill & Hot Strip Mill Schedulers

Builds rounds using mill scheduling rules, Slab stock and Caster schedule. Groups orders by Section & size, maximizes campaign size and at the same time ensures timely delivery. Minimizes filler generation due to thickness or width jumps by optimal distribution of Orders across campaigns.

On-line Material Diversion

In case of off-chemistry or any other quality deviation, pegged Orders are automatically de-allocated and new Orders are pegged online.

Schedule Editor

Enables any manual change to auto generated Schedules by simply dragging and dropping. User can change the sequence, add or remove materials from the schedule. Any constraint violation is highlighted.

Simulations and Re-scheduling

In case of equipment break-downs, delays or quality failures, dynamic re-scheduling can be done on the fly.


Benefits at a glance

  • Timely delivery of Orders
  • Minimized filler requirements
  • Maximized campaign size leading to reduced equipment down-times
  • Lower Inventory & Lead-time through synchronization of sequencing across processes

Case Studies

  • Implementation of Plate Mill Scheduler for a 2 million ton Plate Mill.
  • Implementation of Melt Shop Scheduler for a Steel Melt Shop with Integrated Compact Strip Mill of 5 million ton capacity.
  • Implementation of Schedulers for a CRM plant having multiple Mills, Colour Coating & Galvanizing Lines etc.