What is metrhythm - Service Center

metrhythm Service Centre Solution is advanced Planning and MES Product built for Service Centers to efficiently deliver best quality Products on-time at lower cost. Optimizes Material Cutting Plan to maximize yield. Tracks Materials and Orders on the Shop-floor and in providing full visibility to the Top Management.

key Features

Order Promise

Generates Promise dates against the requested delivery date based on Material Availability in FG or RM form. Matches the Order specifications with the specifications of Materials available and in transit to find the delivery date of a Given Order. Evaluates technical feasibility of an Order and suggests the Impact of booking an Order on the other Orders.

Production Tracking

Computes & Downloads PDI to Level 2 and Validates PDO results. Enables Manual Production Capturing for each process. Tracks Inventory, Order Progress Status, End-to-end Material Genealogy, Production defects, delays, production losses etc. Enables optimal shop floor decisions in real time & reduction of free inventory.

Quality Tracking

Test management system for tracking chemical, mechanical, physical and surface Properties with ability to capture and validate Test result, track Defects, Sample status etc. Auto suggestion and diversion in case of problems.

Material Allocator

Clubs child items optimally to create optimal parent dimensions and minimizes yield losses. Creates Optimal CR width and thickness requirement from Order specifications. Allocates the available Inventory optimally to minimize yield losses.

  • Length-wise and Width-wise Clubbing - Generates both Length-wise and Width-wise clubbing of Orders depending upon Order Dimensions.
  • Forceful Allocation - Ability to override Optimized Allocation and forcefully allocate Orders to the Inventory.
  • Material Pegging - Once the Material Allocation is done, the system will maintain the Pegging. All allocation will happen from the free stock. User will be able to manually unpeg the Orders and free up the stocks if required.
  • Benefits at a glance

    • Improved Asset Utilization through Production Planning
    • Improved Product Quality through minimized diversions
    • Faster Delivery of Orders through material availability check
    • All Round Yield Improvements through Material Optimization
    • Complete Automation and Optimization from Planning to Execution
    • Lower Inventory & Lead-time through Planning and Shop-floor tracking

    Case Studies

    • End-to-end Implementation of Planning and MES for over a dozen Service Centres of a large Steel plant.
    • Implementation of the Slitting Optimization Solution for Service Centres of a Special Steel Plant.