What is metrhythm - MES

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) tracks production and material quality at all stages within the Shop-floor and gives full visibility of Order and Material Status. Integrates with Level 2 systems to get real-time production data. Helps in taking real-time production and quality decisions.

key Features

Online Production Management

Integrates and downloads schedule and PDI (Production Parameters) to Level 2. Fetches Actual Production Results (PDO) from Level 2 and validates PDO results. Material Number Generation in both On-line and manual options.

Manual Production Capture

Manual Production Capturing Option for each process in case of missing Level 2.


Tracks Genealogy from Heat to Slab to Plate or Coil to Finished Goods. This gives and ability to address Customer Complaints; Track the source of defect and identify Area of Improvements.

Real-time Decisions

Deviation alerts and auto diversion options to enable optimal shop floor decisions in real time & reduction of free inventory.

Status Tracking

Tracks Inventory, Order Progress Status, Genealogy, Production defects, delays, stoppages, yield and production losses etc. and give visibility from Shop-floor to Top-floor.

Quality Tracking

Test management system for tracking Chemical, Mechanical, Physical and Surface Properties. Test result capture and automatic validation against order parameters. Defect Tracking by location.

Auto suggestion and diversion

Automatic de-allocation of Orders in case of Quality Failure and suggestions for allocating new Orders based on Material properties.

Sample Management

Capture Sample location and Sample Status


Benefits at a glance

  • Lower Free Inventory
  • Improved Product Quality through minimized diversions
  • Shop-floor to Top-floor visibility of Material and Order Status
  • Complete Automation and Optimization from Planning to Execution
  • On-time Delivery of Orders through realistic Delivery Date Commitment
  • Lower Inventory & Lead-time through faster material movement, real-time decisions and higher schedule compliance

Case Studies

  • MES for a 1 million ton Plate Mill
  • MES Implementation for a CRM plant for Special Steel with around 0.5 Million Ton Capacity
  • Full Scale Implementation of MES for a 5 million ton Integrated Steel Plant with Steel Melt-shop, plate mill and finishing lines.