What is Insite - Telecom Supply Chain Planner

Comprehensive Supply Chain Planner for Telecom Sector managing the Infrastructure deployment demand and for Planning the supply of all BOM items. Plans Forecast as well as firm demand at quarterly, monthly and daily levels. Explodes BOM to generate item level demand. Optimizes supply of items to ensure timely delivery of all items and timely deployment of Infrastructure.

key Features

Site Demand Management

Ability to Manage Rolling Forecast and Firm Orders. Deal with Demand for New Sites as well as Enhancements. Split Quarterly demand into Monthly and Daily Demand. Manage ad-hoc demand.

Continuous Replenishment System

Set Safety and Cycle Stock and enable Continuous Replenishment based Ordering for Class B Items.


BOM Implosion to estimate the readiness of Sites based on Material Availability. Visibility of Material Availability for long term based on Stocks on Hand and the Expected Arrivals.

Material Demand Management

Ability to Explode BOM for sites and generate material demand.

Optimal Supply Plan

Identify where and when to source the material from based on Demand date and Stock Availability, Lead-time, Cost, Shipment Constraints. Ability to create Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Plans.

  • Prioritize between Purchase and Inter Unit Transfer (IUT) based on Material Age, Cost and Lead-time. Ability to deal with multiple IUT constraints.
  • Re-schedule Purchase Orders for delayed or cancelled demand.
  • Ability to deal with substitute items

  • Supply Chain Analytics

    Deep Insights into various KPIs, Elaborate Performance, Inventory and Deployment Analytics. Drill down Reports and Dashboards, Mobile based Analytics, Google like Search based Analytics.


    Benefits at a glance

    • Future visibility of the Material and Site Availability
    • Inventory Reduction through Optimal Utilization of Ageing stocks and PO Re-schedule
    • Service Improvement through faster Site Readiness through synchronization of Purchase of all BOM Items

    Case Studies

    • A very large global Telecom Service Provider was in the process of massive Infrastructural Expansion. Over 20,000 items need to be made available on time. Planning process was manual leading excess inventory, deployment delays and poor visibility of Site Readiness.
    • Insite was used for end to end Supply Planning for the Customer. It optimized the sourcing and delivered Purchase, Inter Unit Transfer and Rescheduling decisions to Oracle. Site Readiness Visibility and Analytics was also provided.