Solution for FMCG / Pharma

Comprehensive End-to-end Supply Chain Planning & Execution Solutions for FMCG, Pharma industry. Deals with all areas of Supply Chain from Demand Planning to S&OP to Supply Planning etc. Can be very quickly configured to deliver best in class Supply Chain Performance.

key Modules

Demand Planner

Generates unconstrained consensus demand forecast through top down or bottom up approaches and combines with statistical forecast.

S&OP Planner

Enables evaluation and collaboration for selecting a Sales & Operations Plan that aligns with the financial goals.

Inventory Planner

Finds right relationship between Stock and Service Level based on various parameters and optimizes Inventory.

Supply Planner

Generates Comprehensive multi-factory constrained production plan to meet the overall demand.

Logistics Planner

Generates distribution plan from Factories to the final delivery points through various levels within Supply Chain.

Route Planner

Considers daily or historical orders and optimizes the vehicle loading and delivery routes to large number of Customers.

Production Planer

Plans production across Plants, Processes and Equipments based on Product Routings, Productivity & constraints.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Tracks production and material quality at all stages within Shop-floor and gives full visibility of Order and Material Status.

Distributor Ordering

Integrates with Distributor ERP to automatically create Distributor Orders for thousands of distributors.

Manufacturing Network Planner

Optimizes complete Manufacturing Network to find the right number, location, role and capacities of the factories to minimize supply chain costs and maximize Service Levels.

Distribution Network Planner

Optimizes complete Distribution Network to find the right number, location, role and capacities of the warehouses to minimize supply chain costs and maximize Service Levels.


Benefits at a glance

  • Improved Overall Service Levels.
  • Reduced Inventories of all types and at all Supply Locations
  • Long-term Visibility
  • Reduced Cost of Production and Distribution
  • Higher Reliability & Predictability
  • Higher Responsiveness and Flexibility
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Higher Yields
  • Lower Lead-times of Production and Distribution

Case Studies

  • A very large FMCG company reduced its Inventory by 12% and improved its Service Level by 6% through E2E Implementation of rhythm Platform.
  • A very large FMCG multi-national company optimized Distribution and Manufacturing networks across multiple countries to reduce its landed cost by over 5%.