Auto Design

Transform the Application Specifications in terms of UI Wireframes, External Interface and Existing Data Model into a fully working transactional Application. AppliFire automatically generates the Backend Entities and Relationships, Named and Detached Queries, Other Objects and Relationships, Domain Services with transaction logic, External Interfaces, User Interface along with the UI logic etc.

Auto Code Generation

Use Auto Generated Design with or without modifications, or create App Design afresh using easy-to-use AppliFire Drag & Drop Interfaces and Auto generate the source code with a technology stack of your choice. The instantly generated end to end Platform independent Code can be exported to a repository and modified. AppliFire supports full round trips and protects any custom code written by the user.

Auto Generation of Test Cases

Generate your test cases for entity level CRUD operations and execute within the platform. Generate WADL script for Service Testing tools and Script for UI testing tools like Selenium.

Auto Built & Deploy

Create and deploy App Server and Web Server on the click of a button. Deploy the application anywhere and connect to database at any location. AppliFire has the ability to auto create an App Run-time environment for non-technical users.