What is Beat Planner

BeatZ is the last mile optimizer for distributors of CPG Companies. Generates beats of optimal size based on number of outlets, sales value and time spent in the market. Assigns salesmen and week-days to the beats created and generates the optimal foot sequence (or route plan) for each beat.

key Features

Optimized Beats

Optimize based on (a) number of customers or (b) based on the beat value or (c) based on the total time spent in the market. BeatZ ensures that each beat formed is of same size in terms of the optimization criteria chosen. Customers of each beat will be geographically grouped together.


View all the customers on Google Maps. Compare Existing Manual Plans with optimal Beat Plan.

Optimal Beat Grouping

There are two options for grouping the beats. (a) Group beats by Salesperson ensuring that a he covers the same area from Monday to Saturday or (b) Group beats by Week Day ensuring that all the beats on a given week day are in the same area.

Geo-code Capturing

Capture of geo-codes of using a mobile app or by dragging and dropping Customer location on Google Map.

Visit Frequency

(F2, F4, F8 or mixed Frequency) – Ability to plan for F8 (bi-weekly visit to the outlets), F4 frequency (weekly), F2 frequency (fortnightly) or mixed frequency.

Optimized Salesman Sequence

The salesman’s travelling sequence is optimized within each beat.

Actual Road Distance based Optimization

Sequence optimization is based on actual road distances, one ways, roundabouts etc. derived from Google Maps. Sequencing can be done either based on walking or driving distances.

Salesman’s Weekly Plan

The system generates the weekly calendar for each salesman (which beat should be covered by which salesman on what day).

Manual Over-rides

Manually over-ride the beat plan or salesman sequence by dragging and dropping on Google Maps.


Benefits at a glance

  • 2X Faster Extension Coverage
  • Balanced Sales beats
  • Optimized distributor Beats in 30 minutes
  • 10 % or Lower Cost of delivery due to shorter distances
  • 10 to 20% freed up Salesmen’s time leading increased sales efficiency

Case Studies

  • A USD 2 billion Indian Foods company could expand its coverage rapidly in dense Indian Metro cities at minimal extra cost using the beat Optimizer.
  • A very large MNC is expanded its coverage in top Metros and Cities in India by 20% using the beat Planner.
  • One of the largest MNCs selected Algorhythm’s Beat Optimizer for its Thailand Operations and plans to use this for several other markets.